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Vega S.p.A. - High Technology in Karting Tires

Vega, born in 1980, took its name from the shiniest star in our galaxy. From the beginning, Vega has been the bright star in kart tire manufacturing in Europe. In kart racing, we have won 8 World Championships and many European titles. The highest technology machinery and processes assure racers of consistent compounds with each tire. Factories in Saronno (Italy) and Ales (France) control every aspect of production in house, guaranteeing consistent quality.

Factory VEGA ITALIA Saronno (VA) Factory VEGA FRANCE Ales

Since 1980 Vega has produced the best tires for Karting. The performance, manufacturing quality, the excellent value for money, are all the result of the continuous efforts in research and development in the laboratory and on the track.  The purchase the best raw materials and of the standardization of production processes. Many champions of today and of the past have used Vega tires in their path started with kart racing, contributing to the development of our products: Alex Zanardi, Jos Verstappen, Michael Schumacher, Fernando Alonso, Robert Kubica and Sebastian Vettel to name a few. Since 1980 our commitment and professionalism is to provide promising kart drivers the ideal tyres that will help them to have fun and win today and help them become future champions of tomorrow.






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