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W5 Rain


Our W5 RAIN CIK HOMOLOGATED has been the most appreciated by drivers worldwide. Thatís why it has been maintained identical compered to the last 2010-2013 CIK Tyres Homologation. The design of the thread, the construction of the carcass and the compound have proved to be able to guarantee SAFETY and FUN for the driver who races in any possible wet track conditions: from damp tracks to heavy rain.

    W5 42 (Front) W5 60 (Rear)
Size   10x4.20-5 11x6.00-5
Hardness IRHD [+/-3]   27 27
Sug.Press.  [+/-0.2] BAR 0,9 0,9
PSI 13 13
Max Speed Km/h 160 160
Mph 100 100
Weight kg [+/- 5%]   1,180 1,680



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