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5" XH - Green

XH is the new Vega tire of CIK-FIA homologated hard compound. XH was designed to challenge national and international competitions, were homologated hard tires are required. It represents highest quality construction, single lap speed performances and for consistency. The carcass and the compounds form a perfect duo, joined in order to assure the best possible level of grip, for the kilometric distances of a CIK “hard” tire. As an example, the win of the 2007 ICA Junior German Championship, is the demonstration that HX possesses the same winning character of all the other Vega competition tires.


    XH46 (Front) XH65 (Rear) XH71 (Rear)
Size   10x4.60-5 11x6.50-5 11x7.10-5
Hardness IRHD [+/-3]   48 48 48
Sug. Press  [+/-0.2] BAR 0,56 0,56 0,56
PSI 8 8 8
Max Speed Km/h 200 200 200
Mph 125 125 125
Weight kg [+/- 5%]   1,050 1,450 1,590




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